Who we are?

Since the Lu Tech Institute was founded, there has been no rest in ​meeting the social commitment that we have established. Fortunately, we have relied on the force for the good of the prospective student, with whom we work tirelessly.


Lu Tech Institute provides a unique environment for students to maximize the use of their talents and develop basic academic skills and social and economic responsibility to integrate into the highly competitive society of the 21st century. We provide an academic education of excellence so that our graduates have the necessary skills so that they can be successful in the technical-vocational 


We project ourselves as a cutting-edge Institution in occupational programs whose main objective will be for our students to develop basic academic skills and technical-vocational competencies consistent with occupational demands.

The Institution will provide secondary education for socially and academically disadvantaged students. In our technical-vocational programs, we will include computer programs with applications in all curricula and study programs. With this, we will provide students with a scenario similar to the one they will have when exercising their functions in the positions provided by employers in those occupations.

Lu Tech Institute will periodically review the curricula of occupational programs and develop new programs and continuing education programs to accommodate the changes continuously demanded by the job market. We will establish a continuous follow-up program for our graduates to determine their professional needs and provide them with the help they need to keep them professionally updated so that they can be successful and remain competitive within the career they have chosen.


The philosophy of Lu Tech Institute is based on the concept of the student as the center of our educational activity. We understand that the training and development of young people and adults must be based on an inclusive social responsibility pact that covers broad sectors of our community. This commitment is focused on our students reaching a greater degree of academic mastery and the skills necessary to complete their preparation for Middle and/or High School and a solid preparation in the occupational field of their choice.

Our priorities are addressed to socially, academically and economically disadvantaged youth and adults who have not finished Middle and/or High School, which our society has come to call "school dropouts", pregnant youth, single mothers who have not been able to finish high school courses, youth, and unemployed or underemployed adults who want to overcome their academic deficiencies to earn their high school diploma. Our greatest effort and responsibility is directed to them.

Our educational work is guided by the aspiration that graduates of these programs manage to continue their studies in post-secondary study programs that allow them to enter society and the world of work with the academic and technical skills necessary to succeed in their field of studies. We want our graduates to be successful professionals, with social and economic responsibility, who can use the skills acquired in their study program and who can perform as successful professionals.